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    1 week 3 days ago
  • #TBT to last year when the InnovativeCommunities.Org Foundation and the Make-It-Happen team in support of...
    1 month 2 weeks ago
  • World Cancer Day. Today is the day to raise awareness about Cancer. #WorldCancerDay #WCD Please read this article posted by: Lydia Smith from the UK. The article includes the History of Cancer, facts and statistics....
    1 month 3 weeks ago
  • It's #WorldCancerDay: any day is a good one to check in with @TerryFoxCanada But today, especially, let's all chip in
    1 month 3 weeks ago
  • Listen For The Unwritten Symphonies In Your Footsteps... Run for Tomorrow #RunforTomorrow #R4T Powered by : InnovativeCommunities.Org Foundation #ICO #InnovativeCommunities #...
    1 month 3 weeks ago


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