About R4T

R4T is a non-stop relay-run around the world to inspire people to get moving and commit to better health and well-being We invite everyone to join our journey online or on the road: No experience necessary! It will be a record-breaking run and we are excited that you are here to help us complete the journey starting in Ottawa, Canada on April 2015.



To inspire people around the world to get active and commit to better health.



  • Inspire people to be active, enjoy it and encourage others to do the same
  • Educate people about the importance of healthy living and exercise
  • Encourage people to commit to making positive changes in their own lives
  • Promote awesome organizations that encourage and support physical activity



Run for Tomorrow is a non-stop relay run around the world by a team of experienced marathon runners which will start on April, 2015. A team member runs a marathon distance (26.2 miles/ 42.2 km) and then passes the baton to the next runner. Through more than 32 countries and for 200 days, the baton never stops moving. All day and night we will be building the global spirit of R4T!

Each day speakers from our team will present to schools and communities along the route to talk about what we are doing and why. Kids, teachers, and all our neighbours are invited to run with us too! Yes, that means you :)

The baton is our commitment scroll, which carries a record of your health pledge and pledges from around the world to get active and commit to better health.



This was our first event to build momentum for R4T -- a micro-version of the 'big run' which coincides with the New York Marathon. Oct 27th 2013 started in Ottawa Canada.





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